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Sleep and Injury Risk

Sleep is an important factor in reducing risk of injury and plays a role in your overall health.


Less than 7 hrs of sleep increases your risk of injury by 51% and more than 7 hrs of sleep decreases your risk of injury by 37%. This injury risk is seen up to 14 days afterwards.


Poor sleep quality is also associated with greater food intake and lower-quality diet, which can increase cardiovascular disease risk.


Here are some sleep tips:

-keep a consistent sleep schedule

-use your bed only for sleep and sex

-limit daytime naps

-don’t eat a large meal before bedtime

-create a caffeine cut-off time

-turn off electronic devices 1 hour before bed

-block out noise and light


Are you getting 7 hours of sleep every night?


Lauren DeYoe


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Reiki Master

Owner Reiki PT


Measures of Poor Sleep Quality Are Associated With Higher Energy Intake and Poor Diet Quality in a Diverse Sample of Women From the Go Red for Women Strategically Focused Research Network (Zuraikat 2020)

General Health Complaints and Sleep Associated With New Injury Within An Endurance Sporting Population: A prospective study (Johnston 2020)


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