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I will come to your home for 100% private, one-on-one care. My flexible scheduling takes your busy schedule into account. I will bring a treatment table and all the supplies I need to ensure highly skilled treatment.

What is a concierge visit?

I treat patients within a 20 mile radius of downtown Nashville. Additional fees apply outside the 20 mile radius. Those fees will be discussed when setting up the first visit.

What part of town do you service?

In the state of Tennessee you do not need a referral for physical therapy services. You may need a referral if you’ve recently seen a physician for a problem, recently had surgery, or had physical therapy for that problem in the past year. The referral for physical therapy in these situations ensures good communication with all health care providers and ensures that it is safe for you to begin physical therapy.

Do I need a referral for physical therapy?

Every visit is approximately 60 minutes.

How long does a visit last?

Physical Therapy sessions are $220. In person Reiki sessions are $150. Virtual Reiki sessions are $100. Virtual Physical Therapy Consult $55. Credit cards and HSA/FSA accepted. Payment is required at the completion of the appointment. Please check your HSA/FSA account to determine if Reiki is considered a qualifying expense and if any documentation of medical necessity is needed.

How much does
a session cost?
What type of payment
do you accept?

Reiki PT is considered an “out of network” company by your insurance provider. An invoice, called a super-bill, can be provided at your request to file with your insurance for out of network reimbursement. To find out more information about your out of network physical therapy benefits please call your insurance company.


I do not see Medicare patients.

Do you accept insurance? Do you see Medicare patients?

The number of visits varies with each person depending on your situation, how long your symptoms have been bothering you and what your goals are. Each plan of care is individualized.

How many visits
will I need?

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