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Healthy Plantar Fascia

Spring is here which means more sun and more time outside! I love when the temps warm up and I can get back to hiking the trails at Percy Warner Park or going for walks in the neighborhood.


While I am always in support of increased activity, more time on your feet can put added stress on your plantar fascia.


The plantar fascia is a thick band of connective tissue that stabilizes the arch of the foot. Repetitive stress to this area can cause pain in the inside heel that can extend into the arch.


To maintain healthy plantar fascia you need mobility in the ankle, calf muscle flexibility and adequate strength. The video below shows 2 exercises that address all three!


  1. Heel raise with toes on folded towel, 3 x 12 reps

  2. Dynamic calf stretch alternating between knee straight and knee bent, 30 sec x 2 reps each side 

Add these in before a hike or walk so that you can stay active and pain free.


Lauren DeYoe


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Reiki Master

Owner Reiki PT


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