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Balancing Act: The Crucial Role of the Single Leg Stance

Why does balance matter in the first place? Single leg balance isn’t just a fancy exercise, it’s a fundamental skill for our daily lives. When we walk, climb stairs, or navigate uneven surfaces, our ability to stand on one leg plays a crucial role. It’s like the unsung hero that keeps us upright and moving confidently.


The Single Leg Stance Test helps us understand the importance of balance in avoiding falls. Picture it like a balance check, where standing on one leg becomes a measure of how well we can maintain steadiness. Are you able to hold for the time in your age group? 

18-39: 43 sec

40-49: 40 sec

50-59: 37 sec

60-69: 27 sec

70-79: 15 sec

If you find it challenging and can’t hold the position for the expected time based on your age, it’s a signal that your balance might need a boost.


Mastering the single leg balance is not just a test, it’s a pathway to better overall stability. It reduces the risk of potentially harmful falls and ensures that your body’s equilibrium remains a steadfast companion in our daily balancing act.

Lauren DeYoe


Doctor of Physical Therapy

Reiki Master

Owner Reiki PT



Springer BA, Marin R, Cyhan T, Roberts H, Gill NW. Normative values for the unipedal stance test with eyes open and closed. J Geriatr Phys Ther. 2007;30(1):8-15.


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